About the Polyamory Leadership Network

The Polyamory Leadership Network (PLN) is a loose association of people around the world working to advance the public awareness of polyamory – ethical, consensual non-monogamy – as a valid and positive relationship orientation or choice. We work to educate the public and to build skills and resources within the growing worldwide polyamory community itself, by facilitating positive collaboration and networking among ourselves

The PLN has no officers and little structure. We are a private online discussion group whose purpose is to share ideas among members, help us network, aid each other with our projects, and help set new projects in motion. We hold in-person or video gatherings from time to time, sometimes during or just after polyamory conventions.


We are a place for all people in leadership, activist, and influencing roles in the polyamory community to come and share information, with the intention to create and maintain an atmosphere of open-minded, judgment-free, respectful discussion. We strive to make this a place to grow, where it is okay to think out loud and to make honest mistakes.

We aim to fulfill our purpose through a better understanding of a diverse range of voices and experiences in our communities. We recognize the similarities and differences among people that make us all unique, and still find connection. We choose to be inclusive by creating opportunities for more people of various backgrounds to be included in the list and the administration of the PLN. We do not discriminate on any basis, including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ability, or economic status.

We align ourselves with the basic principles expressed in the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Vision.


The PLN began in October 2008, thanks to volunteers working with Polyamorous NYC who were planning that month’s Polyamory Pride Weekend in New York City. They realized that the weekend was bringing together lots of well-known polyamory activists from across the United States and around the world who had never met. So they scheduled a National Polyamory Leadership Summit for right after the weekend’s events. At that meeting, 34 people came together to brainstorm ideas and discuss how to proceed.

Enthusiasm continued and a second Summit occurred in February 2009, held right after Loving More’s Poly Living Conference near Philadelphia in the United States. That meeting drew 62 people including some by audio hookup. The group brainstormed project ideas and set some of those projects in motion. Because most of the people attending came from far and wide, it was decided to continue collaborating and sharing information using Google Groups.

The participants decided to name the group the Polyamory Leadership Network – with the understanding that “leadership” simply means “people who take initiative to do cool things,” acknowledging that the group makes no claim to speak for anyone else.

Since 2009, the PLN settled into the role as an active information-sharing and discussion group where participants can share ideas and join in on projects.

In 2021, the PLN undertook an open community process to update its systems and documentation. That renewal process completed with the approval of new List Rules and Members Code of Conduct, and the PLN community is currently seeking new members and members who will serve on its Facilitation Team. As part of that, the PLN community became a supporting member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) and the PLN has aligned itself with the basic principles expressed in the NCSF’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Vision.