Become a PLN Member

Membership in the Polyamory Leadership Network (PLN) is by application. If you’d like to share information and collaborate with others on their polyamorous projects, or seek help and ideas for the polyamorous projects you are doing or hope to do, you can complete a new-member application below. The application asks you about your polyamory activist work and vision, your related skills and experience, a personal reference, and a pledge to follow our List Rules and Members Code of Conduct. Your application will be shared with the membership for comment.

Please feel free to pass our information on to other polyamory educators, activists, and influencers you may know. We want to create a fertile and diverse collaboration area for anyone who is advancing polyamory in a positive way – anywhere in the world.

Membership Process

To apply, copy and fill out the application form below, and send that to us. It will be shared with the PLN list’s membership, who are invited to comment.

Application Form

Please copy and paste the following questions into an email. Answer all questions and email it to this addresses: [email protected]



Preferred Name (if different):

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The email address where you wish to receive PLN list mail:

Polyamory groups you are currently active in, if any:

How long have you considered yourself a polyamory advocate, educator, activist, and/or organizer?

Please briefly describe your polyamory advocacy, activism, and/or community organizing experience:

Please provide at least one reference (name, email, relationship):

Please affirm that by becoming a member of the Polyamory Leadership Network (PLN), you will support the Purpose and Vision of the PLN and that you commit to the PLN’s List Rules and Member Code of Conduct. State here that you agree:

From the List Rules and Member Code of Conduct, what does T.H.I.N.K. stand for?