Become a PLN Member

Membership in the Polyamory Leadership Network is by application. One way into the PLN is to do cool poly-awareness activism that attracts our attention and we invite you. Or, if you’d like to collaborate with other poly leaders on their projects and/or seek help and ideas for the projects you are doing, you can complete a new-member application. It asks you about your poly activist work and vision, your related skills and experience, a personal reference, and a pledge basically to play well with others.

We put value on you being sponsored by one or more existing members of the PLN, though you may certainly apply without this.

Feel free to pass our information to poly activists you may know. We want to create a fertile collaboration zone for everyone who is doing poly activist projects, shares our vision, and works productively with others in a collaborative environment.

So, join us? We’re in this for the long haul, and we think we’ve got a bright future.

Membership Process

To apply, copy and fill out the application form below. It will be shared with the membership, who are invited to comment. If you’re accepted, some of your answers on the application may be imported into a Member Profile for other members to see.

Application Form

Please copy and paste the following questions into an email. Answer all questions and email it to these addresses:

[email protected]


[email protected]



City, State/Province, Country:

Email address where you wish to receive mail from PLN and use with PLN’s Google groups:

Local poly groups you are currently active in:

How long have you considered yourself a polyamory activist, advocate and/or organizer?

Please describe your polyamory activism, advocacy and/or community organizing experience.

Please provide at least one reference (name, email, relationship):

Please affirm that by becoming a member of the Polyamory Leadership Network that you will support the purposes of the PLN (see below) and that you commit in good faith to the following:

I will do my best to stay engaged with and aware of the ongoing work of the PLN.
I will collaborate with others in a productive manner.
I will do my part to keep conflict to a minimum and avoid it entirely whenever possible.
I will abide by the PLN Statement of Purpose* while working on PLN projects and will refrain from using my PLN membership to promote other interests of causes or to claim authority.
State here that you agree:


*PLN Statement of Purpose: “The Polyamory Leadership Network exists to educate the general public about polyamory as an ethical, practical, and joyous way of life; to provide education and support for members of the polyamory community and others interested in or touched by this relationship choice, helping them avoid pitfalls and follow likely paths to success; and to foster a public climate in which all forms of consensual adult relationship choices are respected and honored. We achieve this through publications, media outreach, creative and scholarly projects, support for local/regional allies, and providing opportunities and venues for collaboration and information sharing.”


The following policy resolution was approved by the membership after the February 2009 Summit:



— That membership in the Polyamory Leadership Network Google Group is open to leaders and allies of the polyamory movement who support responsible multi-partnering in a context of equality, freedom, self-determination, consent, integrity, and respect for all.

— That all members of the PLN Google Group are expected to make the following commitments (already made by participants in the March 2009 Poly Leadership Summit): to do their best to stay engaged with and aware of the ongoing work of the group, to collaborate with others in a productive manner, to keep conflict to a minimum and avoid it entirely whenever possible, and to avoid placing personal agendas ahead of the work of the organization.

— That a Membership Team (“Welcoming Team”) of approximately 3 to 5 people be created by the PLN Google Group members.

— That anyone who wishes to join the PLN Google Group will be required to fill out the member survey [application form] that all participants in the March 2009 Poly Leadership Summit answered and send their answers to the Membership Team, with the understanding that their answers will become available to members of the PLN Google Group.

— That the Membership Team will read the responses and verify to their satisfaction that the prospective member is acting in good faith. Verification will include contact with references and/or personal contact with the applicant as needed.

— That if the Membership Team finds that the prospective member is appropriate for the group and acting in good faith, the Membership Team will approve the member and publicly welcome the new member to the list.

— That the Membership Team will use its best judgment, guided by the discussions on the PLN Google Group, in making membership decisions. If the Membership Team cannot agree on a decision, the Team will ask for guidance from the PLN Google Group as a whole.

— That the Membership Team will post the new member’s bio survey to the PLN Google Group [or later equivalent].